Weber Spirit EX-335? Smart Barbecue (LPG) 46812424


The all-new Weber Spirit Smart Barbecue is the multitasker?s best friend. Whether barbecuing dinner while entertaining the kids, or simply distracted with conversation, you?ll never have to worry about what?s going on at the barbecue. Want medium-rare steak? With the built-in Weber Connect step-by-step barbecuing assistant, you?ll receive alerts to flip and serve once you?re at the perfect temperature. Rest assured that with integrated Weber Connect smart technology, your family will be served the best food they?ve ever eaten. Create even more delicious moments with the dedicated Sear Zone and the side burner.

? Integrated Weber Connect smart technology guarantees perfectly barbecued food every time
? Digital, real-time food temp and readiness countdowns on your phone and barbecue
? Receive alerts when food has reached your desired doneness
? Never over-cook or under-cook food with step-by-step barbecuing assistance
? WEBER CRAFTED porcelain-enamelled, cast-iron cooking grills
? WEBER CRAFTED Hotplate and Frame included. Expand your menu by exploring all WEBER CRAFTED cookware (sold separately).
? Easily control your barbecue?s temperature using the 3-burner control knobs
? Sear the best steaks you?ve ever had with the dedicated sear zone
? Created sauces, soups and more with the side burner


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