Weber Traveler Saucepan 18428


When it?s time to feed the adventure in the great outdoors, the Traveler Saucepan expands what delicious meals are possible. When used with the Traveler Trivet (sold separately), you can boil, poach, steam or saute all in the great outdoors on your Weber Traveler. Refuel after a big day out in the surf or create the perfect breakfast before you head off on your next adventure!

? To be used with Weber Traveler Trivet
? Scratch resistant TI?? coated surface for easy cleaning
? Detachable handle makes both using the saucepan and transporting it simple
? Boil water, poach eggs, create sauces, glazes and much more
? With a capacity of 1.5 litres, you can make enough for a solo trip or to feed the whole crew!

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